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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Challenge is on!

I am not by any means a competitive person. Not one bit.

I do however love a challenge.

And if I learn something new from it...well it is great...and if by chance I get it done on time it's even better.

Again this year I decided I would enter the (challenge quilt)  at the Guild - this years challenge...      "Where in the World?"

This is a snippet of my world.
My personal challenge has been to cut and assembly
 a couple hundred pieces of fabric
 onto a background... and stay focused!
Well... how am I doing? 
(almost done - woohoo)

 Now let's see what the attendees of the Busy Bee Quilt Show think!

Like I said - again this year I took on a challenge... and like I said - stay focused...
and like always I had a little hick up in the attention department.

While I should have been working on getting quilts ready for show I was a little busy
Getting sidetracked.

For Example

Finding that perfect piece to display my quilts
And while I was hunting my treasure I found this fantastic shop that
sell antiques, vintage and newer refurbed furnishings that I just know I will
have a hard time staying out of.

And since one of the boys is graduating college and moving far away :(
that needs to be decorated!
So Excited.

(Of course I will miss him)

Oh and did I mention I love a challenge!
And did I mention that attention thingy again!
Cuz sometimes I do get a little side tracked.
And some times I don't
And when I don't...I manage to get things done
especially if I make a promise.
And I promised to make a dolly nightie for the Fish Bowl Raffle
 for the Busy Bee Quilt Show - Beeutiful Quilts 2012
July 27-29, 2012
Monroe High School, Monroe WA

and even that was a challenge
because... I did not have pattern and was a little procrastinating at going out and buying one.

And this is what I came up with

It even comes with a matching quilt and pillow

Come check it out!

Yes, I have been challenged. Challenged to create. Challenged to stay focused. Challenged to get it done!  And I am so excited that this year I will have 4 quilts in the show, and I have learned new quilty techniques! 

(And dolly ones too)