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Welcome to my blog. Fabric has always been a passion of mine! I love looking, touching, feeling, smelling and of course creating with fabric. I was a professional seamstress for 13 years and now sew for relaxation and the pure joy of seeing a finished creation. It is my hope to share my triumphs and temptations with you. Love to all. MB aka apiecedheart.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Let me Clarify that

In my last post I may not have clarified a few points...

The very nice and talented lady (who's name I will not post, because I did not get her permission to do so) did a wonderful job on my quilt. And in no way am I disappointed in the work she did...

I am NOT a professional quilter, and not as good a quilter as the very nice lady meantioned above...

AND I may have relayed the message that I thought I could do better...


was not my intention.

I will clarify that I was disappointed in MYSELF for not having the courage to do the quilting with the hope to encourage other peeps like me to explore their creative side and take the leap of faith to do something they can do.

On another note: DO not give up on longarm quilters. They are the best and deserve our recognition.

Thank you. Love to all. MB aka apiecedheart

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday was the most beautiful and warmest day so far in Western Washington. I had the pleasure of picking up my quilt from the quilter (more on that later)... and then a day spent with my two granddaughters at the park...a visit with my mom and sister... and then a quiet night at home chasing bunnies!

This morning I rose early, made Easter breakfast, and the kids came over. It was a nice Easter Day! Life has changed so much since having little kids. My sister's and I used to have big Easter lunches. Now the family is so big with new grandkids and our children's spouse/friends. And we just don't have space to get us all together. I miss those days!

As for the quilt theory.

1. When sending a quilt out to be quilted make sure this is really something you want to do.

2. When you get it home and you look at it and say to yourself, "Why did I pay for that...I could have done it myself", don't pay for this service...do it yourself!

I have a long arm sit down quilting machine and have been quilting smaller quilts on it. I enjoy this task as much as any other. Maybe better than some. I have never sent a quilt to a longarm quilter in the past and I was very hesitant to let this beauty go. It is finished very nicely, however I look at my quilt and am unsatisfied with myself for not thinking I could have done just as good a job. I ask myself..."What were you thinking?"

A Pieced Heart Quilt Tip:

If there is a skill you have, don't pay to have someone do it for you... Have courage to do it yourself. In the end you will have greater satisfaction in your creation.

(A photo this quilt will be posted after it is bound and ready to hang)

Happy Easter. Love to you. MB aka apiecedheart

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Progress in the Making

This past week has been eventful.
Work all week
Auction Night at the Guild
Weekend spent with grandchildren
Granny's Star Quilt.
I sent my first ever to be long arm quilted quilt off to the Longarm Quilter. She is so fantastic. She called me today to let me know it is ready!! I can't wait to pick it up.(I'll post a pic, promise).

Just as I was trying to put all my attention into getting projects done... the grandkids came to sweep me away from my list of to do's. (how could I resist?)
In celebration of Easter we colored eggs. They had so much fun making up designs and colors. What a pleasure to see them being creative. (my favorite thing to be) We went to see the movie RIO... Oh my, the beautiful colors!!! What inspiration for creating a colorful quilt with birds and flowers...
Oops! there I go again, getting off track.
It was truly a weekend of colors and inspiration for creating.

...check this out!
5 color ways done!
3 of 4 borders done!

I did manage to stay on track as I promised myself and have completed 10 of the 12 blocks for the Granny’s Star Quilt. I have one boarder left to appliqué and all the yoyos are ready! I really did focus! Even through all the activities!

(I can't take credit for this one. It's a beautiful quilt found in the Fons and Porter July/August 2009 magazine, pg 78, Granny's Stars)

I do so hope you find inspiration for a fresh idea, or simply to pick up an unfinished project and make progress at getting it completed. Happy Spring you all! Love to you...MB aka apiecedheart.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

ATTENTION! – Deficit:

Every day I make a mental list of the projects I am currently working on and which one has the highest priority. I think of the Guild's Quilt Show this summer, the charity quilts I have volunteered to finish, the Challenge Quilt I need to (just get done), or maybe the quilt top I should sent out to be finished.

I make a mental note of what project to work on today…
I get home from work… (Ugh that dreadful word)
I make dinner…etc…
and hop on the web…
and chase bunnies…

I see this fantastic sale… like the Bella Solids I could not live without!
And next thing I know it is bed time and I have not accomplished ONE thing.

I admit I have a little problem with the attention thing. I often find myself going from one project to another and juggling many at the same time. I am sure this all sounds way too familiar with most folks.

So I have made a vow. As soon as the last two Charity quilts are bound and the Challenge quilt is ready to hang, (This will be posted next month as promised). I am going to focus on ONE quilt. The 1930's Srappy Granny's Star Quilt that I so badly want to get done for the Quilt Show this summer. So far this is all I have done...

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